Doidy Cup of the Month

It’s August and what glorious weather we are having! Green Sparkle is our Cup of the Month so why not look at what’s in season and start introducing some new flavours to your little one.

Below are some recipe and seasonal ideas:


Your Doidy Cup is perfect to help  little ones  when weaning or moving from breast or bottle feeding to an open cup. Think about using the Doidy Cup for smooth baby friendly soups, a  fantastic tasty way to incorporate vitamins and minerals into your child’s diet. Why not whizz up some steamed vegetables such as spinach, brocolli  and potato to make a summery baby soup!  You could try slices of avocado, green pepper or kiwi as finger foods too – delicious! Never leave your child unattended whilst feeding.

You can send us photos of your child using their Doidy Cup to be included in our gallery, just follow the link on our Community page.

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