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Junior Design Awards

We are very pleased to announce we have won a coverted Junior Design Award for Doidy Cup!Our uniquely slanted training cup has been recognised for its special design in helping little ones wean and feed themselves.



TIPS Awards

Sharon TrotterSharon Trotter is a midwife, mother of five and independent Parenting Consultant, advising and promoting best practice in breastfeeding and baby skincare. Following publication of her articles in a number of peer-reviewed journals, Sharon has implemented a new policy for baby skincare within her local NHS organisation in Scotland. Maternity units all over the UK and beyond are updating their policies in line with this simplified approach, now recommended by the DoH and in line with the Postnatal Care Guidelines (July 2006) published by NICE ( In 2007 Sharon launched the unique TIPS Award Scheme. Through this scheme parents test products on a strictly volunteer basis. This means that the TIPS Award Scheme is the most respected and impartial testing programme in the baby and toddler market sector.

She is also author of the bestselling book, Breastfeeding: the essential guide. Details of this and her peer-reviewed articles can be found on her websites at and

I have been a fan of the Doidy cup for many years but I wanted to find out what our parent testers thought. I am glad to say they agreed with me so we were delighted to award Doidy our ‘Best of the best’ Open cup. Here is part of the final review:
“The outright winner in this category with an incredible 100% of testers choosing this as their favourite cup overall!
The innovative design with its slanting rim greatly reduces spillage and helps the cup remain surprisingly stable into the bargain. The perfectly sized double handles also make it easy for babies and children to drink from.”

You can find out how we went about testing open cups and read the full reviews here.

When we tested the Bickiepegs teething biscuits, our Testers were so impressed that we decided to award them not 1 but 2 awards: ‘Clever idea’ and ‘Editor’s choice’.  Here is part of our final review:
“Our Parent Testers liked the simple but effective design of the packaging which hinted at its trusted reputation. The biscuits were the perfect size for little hands and most parents agreed that the Bickiepeg biscuit kept their baby happy for long enough to distract them from their sore gums. “

You can find out how we went about testing Bickiepegs teething biscuits and read the full review here.

Janey Lee Grace

My Verdict…My babies loved Bickiepegs – they prevented many a sleepless night!
Janey Lee Grace