I am a huge Doidy Cup fan. At 6 months  I put a tiny amount of liquid in and just tipped it ever so slightly so baby wasn’t overwhelmed…

Doidy & Weaning

Doidycup in action

Doidy Cup is the perfect partner during the weaning process. MORE

Getting Started

Don’t be daunted by the weaning process,we can help with how to get started. MORE

Guides & Help

Where to find more details on weaning and expert advice. MORE

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Doidy Cup – Uniquely Slanted

Doidy Cup Colour Chart

colour wheel october orange

Nature has such an abundance of colours and flavours, textures and scents which are there for us to discover. MORE

Doidy Cup of the Month

Cerise is our Doidy Cup of the Month! Click here for February’s weaning ideas. MORE

Bickiepegs Teething Chart

Teething Chart Homepage

Teething can sometimes be a tricky time but it is also an exciting time as your baby’s first ‘milk’ teeth emerge. Why not use our FREE chart to help keep track? MORE

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