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Doidy Cup is the perfect partner for teaching your child to drink from an open cup during the weaning process.

We support Baby Led Weaning and feature help for how and when to start plus recipe ideas on our website ( Cup of the month) and social media pages.  Our shop features a brilliant step by step book for  starting the weaning process and Julie Clark, an expert in Baby Led Weaning , registered Nutritionist and author has written the first guide with a handy month by month approach to ease parents into the introduction of solid foods for their little one.

“I fully support and recommend the use of the Doidy cup. As a Nutritionist and specialist in Baby Led Weaning, I am always looking for products that support nutrition and health. The design of the Doidy cup fits this bill perfectly. It supports a baby’s oral development, encourages good motor skills and enables independence. I used the cup with both of my children and highly recommend its use from birth, through the weaning stage and beyond”
Julie Clark BSc N.Med

You can find out more about Julie by visiting