British Association of Professional Nannies Review NEW Doidy Bowl!

We are thrilled to receive this fantastic review for our NEW Doidy Bowl from  Penny Watts, Director and working nanny at the British Association of Professional Nannies ( BAPN) 

I was very excited to be asked to take a look at the brand new Doidy Bowl. As a nanny, I have known the Doidy brand because of the Doidy Cup with its famous, very recognisable slanted open training cup. Doidy is a great British brand and has led ‘Weaning by Design’ for over 70 years.

The new Doidy Bowl is made from food grade silicon and is soft and pliable making it easy to transport. The Doidy bowl has the unique slanted design and a suction pad base, to help babies and infants feed themselves. The suction pad is designed to help motor skills and the high slanted lip on one side allows infants to scoop food more easily onto a spoon which reduces the risk of messy spills.

The Doidy Bowl fits most highchairs and is recommended for 6 months plus. The Doidy Bowl is available in 3 colours – red, blue or pastel pink.

I like the feel of the Doidy Bowl, it is very soft and pliable. I found the Doidy Bowl very easy to use, it stuck well to the high chair table and I have even used it on a worktop surface and a table when out and about. The Doidy Bowl is easy to release, when you want to take it off a surface you pull the small tab on the base. I found it very easy to clean, I always washed it by hand, but it can go in the dishwasher. As a nanny, it can be very frustrating when bowls that are meant to stick to high chairs tables don’t stick properly and are very hard to remove, the Doidy Bowl had none of these problems and worked perfectly every time.

I also found that the children like the feel of the Doidy Bowl and wanted to touch it. The high side makes it easy for children to be able to scoop and load up their spoons more easily.

As baby-led weaning has become more popular, the Doidy Bowl is very useful. When I tried it out with my little one recently, I put some home-made fish fingers, sweet potato chips and peas into the Doidy Bowl and it was much easier for him to be able to push against the side to get a grip on the fish fingers and sweet potato. Normally I would have had loads of peas all over the floor, but this was dramatically reduced because instead of rolling all over the large high chair table they were contained in the Doidy Bowl.

The fact that the Doidy Bowl can be safely used in the microwave is also great for travelling. As a nanny, I make home cooked food so when out visiting friends, shopping or travelling I can take his home cooked meal and heat it in the microwave which is great.

I would recommend this Doidy Bowl I feel it is great for independent feeding if using the baby-led weaning method but can also be easily used by an adult if feeding a child. I really liked the high side on the Doidy Bowl and felt it was a real help for my child. I will definitely be investing in some Doidy Bowls and telling other nannies and childcare workers about them.  Penny Watts  BAPN Director