Winning weaning recipes packed with winter flavours!

Doidy weaning recipes


If you’re just staring your baby’s weaning journey you may choose to follow a traditional puree or baby led weaning method, or even a mix of both! We will be posting a series of recipes to guide you with the introduction of new tastes and textures for your baby. All have been created by The Happy Kitchen Food Company and are designed to offer plenty of vitamins and minerals to your baby’s new diet and can be adapted to finger feeding or puree as you wish.  We hope you enjoy trying them!

REd lentil and carrot mash by Doidy

Recipe – Lentil, carrot and flat leaf parsley purée

This is a thick purée that is ideal for spreading on toast or for coating large pieces of cooked pasta as a finger food.


3 rounded tablespoons of dried red lentils.Red lentil and carrot puree

I carrot

A few sprigs of flat leaf parsley.

3 tablespoons of formula or breast milk


Place the lentils in a small saucepan and cover with water, bring to the boil and then simmer for 30 mins until tender.

Meanwhile peel the carrot and cook until tender.

When the lentils are soft mash the carrots and lentils together adding the finely chopped parsley.

Add the milk if needed to achieve the desired consistency. Taste for temperature before serving.

Serve in your Doidy bowl  as finger food or with enough milk to form a puree for spoon feeding,